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Who is Ed Bennett?

Ed Bennett has been designing and manufacturing machinery alignment tools since 1991.  His TS-Aligner was the first commercially made dial indicator jig specifically designed for use with woodworking machinery.  Thousands of TS-Aligners have been sold and are in use all over the world.

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This blog includes:

Two of the biggest blade alignment myths busted!
The four most common symptoms of poor blade alignment.
Four tips that make accurate blade alignment a breeze.
Two of the most common methods for miter gauge alignment and why they don't work.
Three things that will make a stock miter gauge perform better than expensive aftermarket models.
A unique method for miter gauge adjustment which ensures accuracy.
Four diagnostic tests to help you determine the quality and condition of a table saw.
Step by step method for correcting trunnion misalignment without trial and error.
Why squaring up your rip fence is important.
Three key steps to align a sliding table without test cuts.
How to calibrate the scale on your fence.
The "what", "why", and "how" of every procedure.
Big professional quality photos.
Professional quality videos.
In-depth, un-biased reviews and technical analysis of popular table saw accessories.
Foolproof methods that guarantee results.
Free access to the TS-Aligner Video Library and other machine specific blogs coming in the near future.

NEW: An on-going series featuring the step-by-step rebuilding of a contractor's saw.  There are a lot of good quality used machines on the market right now.  This blog will help you to pick out a saw worthy of restoring and show you how to do it.

Sample Articles from the blog:

About | Blade | Trunnions | Miter Gauge

What do people say about

Ed-You've hit another home run. I have always avoided tilting the blade like the plague for the obvious reasons. Always had to make final adjustments with a sanding disk which requires a deft touch. I really appreciate your proper use of terminology - i.e. accuracy vs. precision. So many people use these interchangeably. - Joe G.

Hi Ed, I just finished reading your new article on rebuilding a table saw. Please allow me to make a comment on the article... Your article was very well written and the pictures clearly showed the parts you worked on. The article was in everyday language without the highly technical gobble-de-gook most table saw articles are plagued with. I honestly believe if I found a cabinet saw in need of rebuilding I could now do it using your article to go by. I printed out the article and will print out each installment and keep the article in my "How To File" for future reference. Thank you, John D.

Ed, I just looked over the new article and found it absolutely perfect with no room for improvement. ( I love to sling a little BS around every now & then.) ;~) It really is quite an excellent start and I just have a few comments... - Art

Ed...I really enjoy your reviews of alignment devices on the market...such as the recent Wixey gauge. How about doing one on a truing disc. It's made by Veritas and sold by Lee Valley Tools. The stock number is 05t01.01. I also would like to see a review of the MASTER PLATE made by MasterGauge. Thanks for a great product and the analytical skills you bring to the table. - Lee N.

Hi Ed, I recently stumbled upon your blog when it was referenced from a post on Sawmill Creek.  I am somewhat new to woodworking but not to the importance of precision measuring and proper alignment of tooling.  I have thought for some time that the setup and alignment methods I have come across for various power tools were seriously inadequate, but chalked it up to, "Its just wood, you don't have to be that accurate."  As a former professional CNC machinist, I found your detailed explanations, including the arcane mathematics involved, to be a breath of fresh air.  You are the only person I have found who understands and explains how the appropriate measuring tools should be used and the way they are used is so important. - Jim F.

Why do I devote so much time and effort to provide free information?

I've learned that the #1 rule for success in business and in life is to focus first on helping others to achieve their goals. If I succeed at that, I figure my business will mostly take care of itself.

I've collected a huge amount of information and experience over the years. Previously I shared this expertise in countless posts to public forums. However, the message was often obscured by hecklers and others seeking attention and recognition. I think that this blog the best way to help those who really want to improve their woodworking skills in a positive, constructive environment.

I'm guessing that you will like my blog so much that you might discover a need for some of the many products and services I have to offer.   

I hope you find this blog useful.  I very much look forward to getting your feedback. 


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Privacy: I hate SPAM!
I will never share any of this
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The Ultimate Guide to Table Saw Alignment is better than other popular web sites because:

It doesn't promote alignment myths and folklore.
It isn't sponsored by dealers or manufacturers pushing high profit items.
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